OVERhang offers a variety of camps during Spring Break, Pro-D days, and Summer! These camps are a great way to get your kids active and learning.  Kids explore climbing as a sport, check out games and sports like tennis, head to the driving range, walk to nearby fields to play soccer and capture the flag, do fun crafts and egg drops, and do more climbing games!  We guarantee they go home tired.


Having fun, getting outside to play sports and water games, climbing climbing climbing, and making friends for life - THIS is what childhood is all about.


Pro-D Day at OVERhang

We are happy to announce that Overhang is running Professional Development Day camps. Come drop off your 6-9 year-old for an activity and fun-packed day at the climbing gym. We can take them off your hands for the day, and burn off some of that energy with bouldering, rope climbing and games (we'll try to sneak some learning in there too, although that'll be our secret). If registration is full, please don't hesitate to call our office to add your name to the interest list, as cancellations do happen.


January 31, 2022
Age 6-9
Price $55 (plus GST)
Early drop-off available (8am, extra $5 plus GST)
Please ensure that your child comes with light, comfortable-to-move-in clothes, non-marking indoor running shoes, a comfortable mask and a backup, as well as a hearty lunch, snacks and a refillable water bottle. We have a microwave if leftovers need to be reheated. We'll take care of the rest!

Max 14 participants. COVID Protocols in place. 

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OVERhang offers Pro-D Day Camps.

Call us at 250-563-2547 to get on the interest list for the next camp!

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OVERhang offers occasional School Camps.

Call us at 250-563-2547 more information.

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