COVID and Communicable Disease Policy

Updated April 8, 2022.


Climbing Facility, Equipment, and Capacity:


Climbing Gym: max 30.   

School Groups when gym is otherwise closed: max capacity 30.

Separate plan for first aid and safety training.


Climbing and Youth Programs:

Youth Programs (Spider Monkeys, Tree Frogs, Mountain Goats, Dynos, and Competitive Team): no changes – spring season starts last week of March. Spectators are allowed upstairs.  Right from start of program, staff are to implement hand hygiene expectations and model these throughout the program.

Birthdays and other group bookings: Allowed again.

Learn to Belay lessons: max 6. Instructors encouraged to use Party Room for preliminary skills (lessons about harnesses, knots, buddy checking, communications, and initial practice belaying a milk jug up and down), before heading to climbing area for more practice. This reduces pressure on climbing gym spaces.

Parent and Tot program: max 20. Participants encouraged to spread out between climbing areas and Tot area upstairs.


Masks and Face Coverings:

While the provincial health officer dropped mask requirements effective March 11, OVERhang strongly encourages all people entering our facility (aged 5+) to continue to wear masks. 


Cleaning and Disinfection

Frequently-touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at least 1x/day and when visibly dirty. These include items touched by larger numbers of people (e.g., door handles, handrails, tap faucets, locker handles, benches, hand weights in fitness corner, office equipment, etc.).

Objects made of materials that are not easily cleaned (e.g., climbing holds, ropes, harnesses, etc.) or typically cleaned intermittently (e.g., fabrics, soft toys, etc.) can continue to be used. They should be cleaned (if possible) according to regular practices. Textbooks, paper, other paper-based products, laminated or glossy paper-based products and items with plastic covers do not need to be cleaned and disinfected, or quarantined at all.


OVERhang Facility Management for Physical Distancing and Hygiene:

  • We have a capacity of max 30 climbing clients and folks in the climbing spaces.  This does not include any staff, instructors, or course participants, for which we have separate protocols.
  • Spectators are welcome.  Spectators are upstairs, observing from the upstairs hallway.  If you are downstairs, you are considered a climber and must be charged entry accordingly, as you take one of the spots.
  • We installed plexiglass across both front office windows.
  • Our water fountain was replaced with another hand washing station.
  • We now check every climber out when they leave.  This ensures our Current Climber Count on our website is accurate, and is key for managing our Max 30 and our Contact Tracing Plan (below).  Please alert staff when leaving.
  • We opened up the narrow spaces by moving lockers, shoe racks, and garbage cans.
  • Staff only in office and in party room (except during bookings).  During camps kids will use party room as their home base.
  • When possible there is a time gap between youth groups and open gym hours to facilitate cleaning and to keep user groups separate.
  • When gym is open to drop-ins, we will usually only need one or two staff members working, who will also do ongoing sanitizing of high-touch surfaces at the front desk and doorbell, as well as hallways, bathrooms, doors, sinks, and bench areas.

Cleaning Plan:

  • Daily cleaning of floors, high-touch surfaces, doors, bathrooms, etc. 
  • Staff also frequently sanitizing high-touch surfaces while the gym is open
  • When feasible, sanitization period between user groups (such as camps and open hours, tots and school bookings, etc)
  • Weekly clean by a contractor.

General Hygiene:

  • The Golf and Curling Club has automatic door openers for the lobby doors (push with knee or hip), and hand sanitizer in the lobby.  Clients are encouraged to use all these features before approaching OVERhang’s front desk.
  • Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands immediately upon entry into OVERhang's wing.  Thorough hand washing with soap and water is recommended over the use of hand sanitizer.
  • Frequent hand washing or sanitizing is strongly encouraged throughout one's visit, and on their way out.
  • Discourage touching faces
  • Liquid chalk encouraged over powdered chalk
  • Hand sanitizer also available throughout the facility

Client Education:

  • New waiver identifying risks, and need to comply with policies designed to protect staff and clients
  • No one with symptoms, in close contact with anyone symptoms, or that has traveled outside Canada in previous 14 days should enter the facility.  This includes staff and clients.  Everyone is asked to self-assess, but staff can also turn people away if they are exhibiting symptoms.

Reducing touch points:

  • Online transactions whenever possible (purchase memberships, punch cards, and bookings online before coming to the gym)
  • Online waivers (read and complete waivers online before coming to the gym) are encouraged over paper waivers
  • No shared finger tape from front desk (users may purchase their own roll)
  • No water fountain (bring personal water bottles, or purchase at the front desk)
  • No clients allowed in Front Office (staff only)
  • No rental chalk bags.

Contact Tracing Plan:

We absolutely do not want any staff or clients to become infected with COVID-19.  However, risk of disease transmission is always a possibility, even when we do our best to minimize it.  So, if a person is identified to have a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection, then we will activate our contact tracing plan.

  • We will diligently check-in all visitors into our member-management software, and check them out when they leave.
  • With a few quick taps we can produce a contact tracing report from our software, which allows us to see who was in facility at same time as a given client, and for how long (length of exposure), over a given time frame.
  • With that in hand, we would collaborate with health officials in tracking down and informing all visitors and staff that were potentially exposed, upon the direction of health officials. Information collected on our waivers includes personal contact information for all climbing gym users.
  • Video footage can also be reviewed within a three-week time period.
  • If requested by health officials, we would close the gym temporarily or engage in extra heavy duty cleaning process, and modify our protocols if necessary.


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