**Memberships and punch card sales have moved online to reduce touch points in response to the COVID crisis.  Please consider purchasing online , and DEFINITELY do your  waiver online before coming in!**

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  1-month Adult (19+) $80
  1-month Youth (5-18) $66
  1-month Toddler (0-4) $54
  1 month Family (up to 2 adults & 3 youth in same household) $240
  Full Year Adult $800


Punch Cards

  10 punch card Adult $160
  10 punch card Youth $145
  10 punch card Toddler $100

Day Pass Drop-ins & Rentals

  Adult $20
  Youth $18
  Toddler $13
  Family (up to 2 adults & 3 youth in same household) $60
  Harness Rental $6


Climbing Shoes Rental $6
  Snow Shoe Rentals $9/day


Additional Info

  • The above prices do not include GST.
  • We encourage purchases to be made online, to reduce touch-points at our front desk.
  • Memberships and punch cards are non-transferrable (only apply to one individual).
  • At this time, OVERhang is not offering any discounts other than 10% off drop-ins for students. This policy may be revised by the owners in the future.
  • All people present must wear clean indoor shoes or climbing shoes - no bare feet or socked feet, please.
  • Please review our  COVID-19 protocols - it is important that everyone knows and respects the changes we have made as we do our best to protect our staff and clients.  
  • Proof of vaccination and masks mandatory for anyone 12 and older, before entering the facility.  This includes climbers, spectators, course participants... all clients entering OVERhang.
  • We also have an additional orientation to ensure you understand our new COVID-19 protocols... so the first time you come in since we reopened in June 2020, we will run you through that.




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