Reserve your Climbing Time!

For the month of June there will only timeslots to reserve on weekends, not on weekdays. As before, if there is room for drop-in you can come!

You can book a two-hour timeslot when reservations are available, during our busiest hours - please read through the guidelines below.  Note - you can still drop in during that time slot, if space remains.  We also have other open hours when reservations are not necessary.  Check out all our hours here!  

We encourage our clients to get the RGPro Connect app to easily manage the bookings. Available for either Apple or Android.

Booking Instructions

  • Bookings are to be made online.  You can save your profile, so it's quick and easy next time!
  •  All customers are limited to three active bookings at a time.
  • An active booking is a booking in the future. Once a session begins, the booking for that session is no longer considered an active booking.
  • You can only book one session per day.  (For example, on Wednesday you can go online and book one session Thursday, one Friday, and one on Saturday… but you can’t book two sessions on Friday.)
  • Bookings open up seven days in advance, as we continue to reassess our climbers and staff needs, and to ensure fairness for all.
  • If you sign up for a timeslot and cannot make it, please cancel via phone (250) 563-2547 at least 2 hours in advance of your timeslot start time.  Refer to our Cancellation Policy and No-Show Policy below.

During Your timeslot

Enjoy your guaranteed climbing session!

You should be off the mats and prepared to leave 5 minutes before the end of your timeslot, to avoid any delays for the next group of climbers checking-in, and to allow our staff to conduct cleaning/sanitizing and checkouts. Please listen to instructions and reminders by our staff and keep your visit to OVERhang to a maximum 2-hour visit. We thank you for your cooperation.

Reservation User Agreement

  • Climbers must book ahead into a specific two-hour timeslot (except during open drop-in hours).
  • Climbers agree that they have read the Cancellation Policy and No Show Policy, and agree to respect them.
  • Please arrive ready to climb - ie. already changed and with a water bottle filled. Please do not try to check in early.
  • All climbers are asked to wash or sanitize their hands before entering the climbing area and before leaving the gym. 
  • Children under 10 will need to be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian. One adult can supervise a maximum of two children. The adult will be charged a drop-in fee or debited a punch card, and must be included in the reservation booking, as they are taking a spot.
  • No loose chalk is permitted in the gym. Please use chalk balls or liquid chalk. This will be actively enforced.
  • Rent/bring climbing shoes or bring clean indoor running shoes for climbing. No climbing shoes will be permitted in the bathrooms. Bring flip flops or other options for bathroom visits.

There will be staff monitoring the facility and assisting with people checking in. Please respect that our staff will be working hard to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy their experience and respect the policies in place.  All OVERhang policies are based on safety, fairness, and risk management.


We are allowing spectators in the viewing area upstairs. They must remain in the viewing area at all times; otherwise they are considered a participant and are charged accordingly, and must fill out a waiver as well.


Climbing Reservation Cancellation Policy

  • If you sign up for a timeslot and cannot make it, please cancel via phone at 250-563-2547 (can leave a voicemail) at least 2 hours in advance of your timeslot start time, to avoid penalties.  We appreciate the more notice the better, to respect other climbers seeking timeslots and to help keep our business afloat.  
  • If you call to cancel more than two hours in advance, your booking will be cancelled with no penalties.
  • If you do not provide 2 hours notice, the No-Show Policy applies.


No-Show Policy

Our No-Show Policy is to ensure we maximize all available space during each session. Customers that do not show up for their booked session are deemed a 'No-Show', unless they cancel at least 2 hours in advance of their session. Customers arriving later than 30 minutes after the start of their booked time slot will also be deemed a 'No-Show'.

  • Members deemed a ‘No-Show’ will lose their spot, and all existing future bookings (within next three days) at OVERhang will be cancelled without notice.
  • Punchcard holders deemed a ‘No-Show’ will forfeit a punch for the session and all existing future bookings will be cancelled (within next three days).
  • Guests (day pass purchasers) deemed a ‘No-Show’ will forfeit their payment for the missed session, and all existing future bookings (within next three days) will be cancelled with a refund.  To be clear: no refund for the forfeited session.

Customers may then re-book their sessions, pending availability.


Reservations FAQ

Q: My plans have changed unexpectedly, how can I avoid ‘No-Show’ penalties?

A: To avoid being considered a ‘No-Show’ simply cancel your booking by calling our front desk at 250-563-2547 at least two hours before your session begins. Email and social media requests will not be processed.  Your cancelled session will become available for another climber right away, so cancelling prior to your session is key!


Q: I'm going to be a few minutes late for my session!  What do I do?

A: We understand that sometimes life happens, so if you are delayed for a valid reason but are still coming for part of your session, please call the front desk (no later than 30mins into your session), and let us know that we should still expect you. You can reach us at 250-563-2547.  In other words, your spot will be held until 30 minutes into the session, unless we hear from you that you’re on your way!  Note – your session will still end at the original end of booking time slot, even if you start your session late.  This is out of respect for other customers and to facilitate cleaning between groups.

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