Part-time climbing booking/belay staff

We are looking for keen, community-minded individuals who want to share their passion for climbing with Prince George!
Multiple part-time opportunities, some with availability on weekdays for school groups, and others on weekends for groups/parties.

Not ready to retire yet?  Here is your chance. Not sure what to do with those extra hours while kids are in school? This could be a good fit!

Duties of belay staff include

  • Check the booking info – how many, what ages, any special requests or info, whether they’ll be using the Party Room
  • Set up the appropriate number and sizes of harnesses in the Programming Room or the Party Room
  • Conduct orientations for all participants 
  • Effectively supervise all climbers and people on the floors of the climbing spaces
  • Laugh and play, encourage the climbers to have fun and push themselves
  • Keep clients as engaged and entertained as possible!  Switch between autobelays, staff belays, bouldering, and games if interest seems to be fading
  • Belayers are to keep an eye on belay setup and the customers’ harnesses
  • Be welcoming, GO ABOVE AND BEYOND, promote OVERhang programs, and ensure clients are keen to come back. Present a friendly face and provide excellent customer service!
  • Belay staff share responsibility for cleaning, tidying, and preparing spaces and equipment

How to Apply:

Hand in your resume with a cover letter to the gym manager (Odinn).

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