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I've never climbed before. What do I do?

We love beginners! Drop by the gym anytime we are open (no need to book ahead except on Saturdays, and even then we still take drop-ins if there's space available), wear comfortable clothing and non-marking, clean, snug athletic shoes. Anyone can boulder (low climbing without ropes) without prior experience. You can also use autobelays to climb some of our higher walls as well. To start top-roping with a partner like most people you will see at the gym, you will need to learn how to belay and/or come with someone that has an OVERhang-issued belay tag.

Sign up for one of our Learn To Belay classes to learn the ropes - they're 2.5 hours long and are a great way to start in this sport.  Or just drop into the gym and get going after your orientation!


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