Posted: September 16, 2021

Members-Only Hours are back!

Extended Friday Hours!

Starting Friday, Sept 17, there will be excluded Members-Only hours from 11:30am-1:30pm, running every Friday.

We have also extended our Friday hours, the new hours are 1:30pm-10:00pm. 

Our opening hours:

Mon-Thu 5-10pm

Fri 1:30-10pm

Sat 12-6:30pm

Sun 2-8pm



Posted: September 7, 2021

Due to high demand for our Spider Monkeys kids program (3-6 year old) we have added Saturday sessions in. It will run from 9:15am-10:15am, starting September 18.

For more info and registration, click here.

Posted: September 1, 2021


Posted: August 17, 2021

Registration for our weekly youth programs will open up on Wednesday, Aug 18, at 12:00pm. For further information regarding the weekly youth programs (e.g., timing, dates, price), and for registration, visit our website HERE.

Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

No spots will be held without full payment at time of registration.


Posted: August 16, 2021




Posted: August 10, 2021

Ladies summer drop-in August 14

Posted: July 22, 2021

Learn to Belay

Posted: April 28, 2021

Gym ManagerYouth Program Coordinator/Coach;  & Summer Camp Staff.  Apply immediately!

Ooccasionally we recruit new full-time and part-time climbing gym employees.  Check it all out.

Posted: April 21, 2021

July and August are exciting months with SUMMER CAMPS!

Posted: April 2, 2021

OVERhang climbing gym is closed April 2, returns to regular hours April 3.

Posted: March 29, 2021

OVERhang is still openPublic Health has confirmed that fitness facilities and climbing gyms offering PERSONAL workouts have not been sites of transmission of COVID-19. While group fitness activities are cancelled, people can still visit climbing gyms for their individual workouts.
OVERhang and other climbing gyms in the province remain open!
We do need everyone to redouble their efforts to follow the safety protocols, however. ONLY CLIMB WITH OTHERS IN YOUR CORE BUBBLE, keep 2+ meters from others, and keep wearing your masks. Wash hands very frequently. We thank all our clientele for helping us keep our community and our staff as safe as possible. Stay home if you have any symptoms or red flags, and closely follow all other protocols (one way flow, maximum number of people in boulder cave, etc). We got this!
Please treat this as a workout space, not a social hangout, and respect that others may be waiting to get in (given our reduced capacity). Please help us stay open by following the COVID protocols in place. We love you and want to keep seeing you - at a distance!
If you want to keep your local climbing gym open, you need to take personal responsibility for your actions and those of your buddies.  We're doing everything we can - please do your part too!

Posted: March 29, 2021

Many new dates added to First Aid training and other courses.

Posted: February 19, 2021

Children ages 3-5 and their parents now have a chance to climb together during the daytime!

Posted: February 13, 2021

The last two weeks of March are Spring Break for SD57.  Sign your 8-12 year old up for a one-week camp!  We promise they'll go home exhausted at the end of each day.

Posted: February 8, 2021

Mon/Wed/Fridays 9am-11am program for parents and their infant/tot up to 2 years of age.

Posted: February 1, 2021

Hockey, climbing, curling, and outdoor adventures - what a great day!


Posted: January 21, 2021

Route Setting Clinic for Women

Jan 31, 9am-1pm.

Only six spots available!

Posted: January 5, 2021

Reserve a 2 hour time slot to climb with friends on Saturdays.

Posted: January 3, 2021

Gym reopens Jan 4th after a two-week break!  Find climbing times that work for you, make a reservation, or schedule a private booking for yourself and 5 people in your bubble - you'll have the whole gym to yourselves.

January Hours

Posted: December 15, 2020

Register now for the youth programming sessions starting in January.

Posted: December 2, 2020

We rent snowshoes for youth and adults - and can give you ideas where to tromp!


Posted: November 16, 2020

We are offering a Learn To Belay course this week!

November 23rd, 7:30pm-10:00pm!

November 30th  7:30pm-10:00pm!

Click here to register for one of them!

Posted: November 7, 2020

OVERhang learned today that one of our clients tested positive for COVID-19. We deeply appreciate their call and wish them all the best in their healing process.
The health and safety of our employees and clients is our top priority, and we commit to being open and transparent with you. We have been in communication with provincial health authorities and we are following all protocols and procedures for our team and clients.

Posted: October 16, 2020

Due to the amount of interest we have received for weekend drop-ins again,


Drop ins, punch card holders, and of course our members are all welcome!


Members get to enjoy extended Members Only* hours:

  • Fridays 12pm-5pm
  • Saturday 12pm-7pm!

*Must have one-month or one-year membership to qualify.  Buy yours online!

Posted: July 2, 2020

Woohoo, we are open to newbies and drop-ins and members and EVERYONE!  Weekdays 5pm-10pm.

Max 20 in the gym at a time, and you MUST do your waiver online before coming in.

Check out our new hours, prices, and COVID-19 protocols.

Posted: June 20, 2020

Phase B of reopening begins June 22!

Come in with your punch card, or buy a new membership...

Welcoming Punch Cards and New Memberships on Monday June 22nd!
Our members-only phase of reopening went well... so we are ready for PHASE B! Purchase memberships or punch cards online only, or come in with your existing punch card. No day passes just yet.
Everyone needs to fill out the new waiver online, too. In fact, there's important info on our website about what we expect in the COVID era - please read it in advance and come in prepared for a few changes!

Posted: June 9, 2020

Kids and parents have been clamouring to register for OVERhang's famous summer camps.  Well, here it is folks... we have made some changes and are ready to take your registration!

Posted: June 7, 2020

FINALLY!  OVERhang Climbing Gym is excited to reopen under Phase A - MEMBERS ONLY on June 16th!

In Phase B we will add summer camps on June 29.

Read on for details about the changes we've made to our facility and our protocols to reduce the risk of transmission, as well as future phases!

Please bear with us as we figure out how best to do this - we may have to modify our phases or protocols as we learn through the process.  We commit to ensuring that our website will be kept up to date regarding our phases, our user groups, and our protocols.



OVERhang Facility Management for Physical Distancing:

  • Reduced occupancy of climbing spaces (max 20 climbing clients - does not include any instructors and course participants upstairs, for which we have separate protocols for those).
  • Maximum 6 in boulder cave at a time, encouraging people to be respectful of others looking to boulder, limiting lounging time on the boulder mat.  We will monitor this – may reduce the number further if necessary.
  • In roped rooms: no climbing on adjacent routes (must skip an anchor between climbers).  Route setters are taking this into consideration in their route design.
  • Flow changes – ie how we move people through the facility to help maintain at least 2m between each person:
    • Who has priority in narrow spots (front hallway, stairs, etc)
    • Counter-clockwise flow through climbing spaces: one way into boulder cave from hallway, out into roped room… same thing for Programming Room.  No changes in Main Roped Room.
    • Stickers on floor to indicate spacing, flow, zones.
    • We now have the ability to check people out when they leave.  Staff will check visitors in and out diligently (see Contact Tracing Plan below).
    • Opening up the space by moving lockers, shoe racks, and garbage can, & discouraging lounging on the benches.
    • Installation of plexiglass across both front office windows
    • No members in office or party room
    • When gym is open to members, we will usually only need one staff member working, who will also do ongoing cleaning of high-touch surfaces at front desk and doorbell, as well as hallways, bathrooms, doors, and bench areas.


Cleaning Plan:

  • Daily cleaning of floors, high-touch surfaces, doors, bathrooms, etc.  Staff will receive specific training and guidance.
  • Staff also frequently sanitizing high-touch surfaces while gym is open
  • Sanitisation period between camp & open hours
  • Weekly deep clean by a contractor
  • OVERhang’s belay devices and belay carabiners will be sanitized after they are returned by members
  • Staff will follow a much more detailed cleaning plan - this summary simply provides an overview to clients.


General Hygiene:

  • The Golf and Curling Club has automatic door openers for the lobby doors (push with knee or hip), and hand sanitiser in the lobby.  Members encourage to use all these features before approaching OVERhang’s door.
  • OVERhang staff & clients will be required to wash their hands immediately upon entry into our wing facility, and encouraged to wash frequently throughout their session, and on their way out
  • Foot openers installed on OVERhang doors so no need to touch with hands
  • Discourage touching faces
  • No shared chalk (we may actually implement a Liquid Chalk Only policy – if so we will ease the transition by providing it for free initially, and available for purchase later)
  • No rental shoes/harness/chalk bags
  • Signage throughout the facility about prevention of disease transmission
  • Hand sanitizer also available throughout the facility


Member Education:

  • Phone calls and emails to members in advance of gym reopening, to ensure expectations are understood
  • New waiver identifying risks, and need to comply with policies designed to protect staff and clients
  • All users will be informed that anyone at higher risk of experiencing severe illness should not participate
  • Signage in lobby and inside our facility
  • No one with symptoms, in close contact with anyone symptoms, or that has travelled outside BC in previous 14 days will be allowed in the facility.  This includes staff and clients.  Everyone will be asked to self-assess, but staff can also turn people away if they are exhibiting symptoms.  Staff will be trained in identifying symptoms, and strategies for handling these situations.


Reducing touch points:

  • Online transactions (purchase memberships online before coming to the gym)
  • Online waivers (renew waivers online before coming to the gym)
  • No rentals (harness, shoes, chalk bags)
  • No showers (just change rooms)
  • No water fountain (fill water bottles from sinks)
  • No members allowed in Party Room (staff room only, until Phase B)



  • Use of non-medical masks that cover the user’s mouth and nose will be strongly encouraged for staff and clients when in common areas like hallways, but not required.  We do not expect people to wear them while climbing – rather everyone should wash their hands immediately before and after climbing, and avoid touching their face.
  • OVERhang will have masks available for staff that choose to wear them, when they can’t maintain at least 2m distance from other people.
  • OVERhang will also have masks available for members to purchase at a reasonable price, should they choose to wear them.
  • Eye protection will be available for staff that choose to wear them, when they can’t maintain at least 2m distance from other people.
  • Nitrile gloves are always available to staff too, although we will ensure everyone is educated about the greater benefits of frequent and thorough handwashing and good hygiene.
  • A separate PPE document and protocols has been developed for route setters and route strippers.


Contact Tracing Plan:

We absolutely do not want any staff or clients to become infected with COVID-19.  However, risk of disease transmission is always a possibility, even when we do our best to minimise it.  So, if a person is identified to have a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection, then we will activate our contact tracing plan:

  • We will diligently check in all visitors into our member-management software, and check them out when they leave, too.
  • With a few quick taps we can produce a contact tracing report from our software, which allows us to see who was in facility at same time as a given client, and for how long (length of exposure), over a given time frame.
  • With that in hand, we would collaborate with health officials in tracking down and informing all visitors and staff that were potentially exposed.
  • If requested by health officials, we would close the gym temporarily, and modify our protocols if necessary.

Phase B:  Summer Camps during weekdays, Members only on evenings and weekends

  • No overnight camps
  • Increased minimum age of campers to age 8
  • Camps separated in time from open hours
  • Camp staff separate from staff that are running open gym hours
  • Cleaning after camp day, before open hours
  • Reduced number of kids in camp to a maximum of 16
  • Kids are there for full week… no one-day registrants
  • Kids allowed upstairs but not in training area; members welcome in training area but not on couches in general upper hallway.
  • No kids or members in first aid room or classroom – only course participants, instructors, and staff
  • Move lockers or cubbies into party room, locker assigned to each camp kid for their backpack, shoes, etc
  • Harness and shoes designated for each kid will reside in their locker in the party room for the week (and shoes sprayed at end of camp day)
  • Individual camp staff will have designated belay devices, biners, and headlamps for the week, that will reside in their lockers when not in use
  • No shared food
  • Frequent handwashing will be a core element of every camper's day - when first entering facility, before and after eating, and encouraged frequently at any other time
  • Staff will have hand sanitiser available whenever outside the facility for outdoor games, tennis, golf, etc
  • Camp staff will develop a list of games and activities that allow for physical distancing, and will make strong efforts to keep everyone 2m apart as much as possible
  • No Rollerdome (it's harder to control transmission risks inside another facility), at least initially
  • Lots of outdoor time!  This is the best way to reduce transmission risks, after physical distancing.  We can set up badminton, soccer, basketball, outdoor crafts, water games, etc.
  • Several times per week, campers and staff will walk to an offsite location for outdoor games
  • Pickup and dropoff outside only - no parents, siblings, grandparents etc inside our facility
  • Daily verbal screening for symptoms
  • Kids and staff must stay home if exhibiting symptoms, even if mild
  • If a kid starts to develop symptoms while at camp, we will move them into a different space and contact the parents to come pick them up immediately
  • Parents will be informed that anyone at higher risk of experiencing severe illness should not register for camps.

Posted: April 2, 2020

OVERhangs message to the community and FAQS.



Posted: March 17, 2020

The right choice is often the hardest one.

OVERhang’s climbing gym will be closed indefinitely as of Tuesday March 17, as we contribute our effort to flatten the curve in the spread of COVID-19. We ask that everyone do their part in protecting our broader community through their day-to-day choices.

Our employees are our first concern; we are doing everything we can to look after our team.

Gym members are also part of the OVERhang family. We will miss you while we are closed; rest assured that we will freeze your memberships and welcome you back when we reopen. We will try to use this time well by removing and washing every single hold, painting and refreshing our walls, and doing a full reset. This is one of the ways we continue to invest in our community.

Ours is a strong community. Let’s look after each other and act with compassion and integrity. Please check in with a fellow climber as well as a vulnerable member of our society, and we will come out stronger on the other side. Viruses are contagious – but so is kindness. Spread that around.

We will keep you updated as we all move through these challenging times. We will also up our social media game to provide our members with training tips to keep up your climbing form, safety tips to up your outdoor skills come spring, opportunities to connect digitally with other members, and ideas for getting outside and staying sane while maintaining social distancing.

Please contact us anytime. The gym may be closed, but we are still here for you!

Posted: March 15, 2020

For details, check out our Update #1 on March 14th, below.

Posted: March 14, 2020

In light of the COVID19 virus, we are cancelling first aid training for the near future.  Social distancing is not easy in a first aid course, when people have to learn to conduct assessments and interventions on other classmates, often breathing closely together.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Alana, OVERhang's First Aid Coordinator.

When this changes, we will post updates and notify our clients that have been impacted by recent course cancellations.

Posted: March 14, 2020

Spring Break camps cancelledSadly, we are cancelling Spring Break Camps as a precautionary measure in light of the COVID 19 virus.  First Aid Training is also cancelled, due to the close proximity between students during practical elements.

At this point, the climbing gym is still open for drop-ins with regular hours.

We will continute to monitor the situation and may change our approach over time.  Keep referring back here for updates, or call us at 250-563-2547 for the latest!

Keep reading to see what additional measures we are already taking, and what you can do as well.

------ Update March 14, 2020------

COVID 19 Update March 14

Posted: December 2, 2019

Snowmobile Safe Rider training and Avalanche AST training at OVERhangMany of our winter courses are scheduled and ready for you to JUMP ON BOARD!

If you work or play outside (who doesn't?!?) you need the right training to make good decisions.  Check out our AST1 Avalanche training, Ice Safety courses, Wilderness First Aid, Snowmobile Safe Rider training, Occupational First Aid, and more training available through OVERhang.

We also offer courses upon request - contact Lauren for a quote or for more info!


Posted: October 10, 2019

CRUSH FEST 2019 Bouldering Competition November 30th

Posted: August 30, 2019

OVERhang will be closed on Sunday, September 1 and Monday, September 2

Posted: June 14, 2019

The gym will be closed on June 30 and July 1.

The gym will be closed for members climb at 6am on July 1,3 &5

We look forward to seeeing you on July 2nd at 3pm

Posted: May 12, 2019

So many courses available!  Swiftwater, Wilderness First Aid, Outdoor Rock Climbing, Anchoring/Rapelling, Navigation, Occupational First Aid and Transportation Endorsement, S100/S185, ATV operator... you name it!

Check out the course calendar.

Posted: April 6, 2019

Starting May 5th we will have new hours!!!
MON - FRI         3PM-9PM
SATURDAY        12PM-6PM
SUNDAY              2PM-7PM

Posted: October 11, 2018

We offer beginner avalanche training for Snowmobilers!  It's a two-day course (a theory day and a mountain day), and costs $330 plus GST.

  • Feb 2+3 in Prince George
  • Feb 9+10 in Wells
  • March 23+24  location TBD

 Call OVERhang to register 250-563-2547, or ask for Lauren if you need more info.


Posted: September 18, 2018

We will have a learn to belay course on Oct 2 at 7pm. Call or stop by the gym to register.

Posted: August 24, 2018


We have some GREAT news tho!!

We will have new gym hours starting Tuesday Sept 4. We will be opening the gym on weekdays at 10am. 

Posted: August 15, 2018

We have our Fall Youth Programs registration open.

Please call the gym for more information and to register 250-563-2547. 

Classes start Sept 10 and run to Dec 22

We will need a minimum of 3 participants for each class to run. If we cancel we will provide a full refund

Posted: August 9, 2018

Posted: July 5, 2018


Posted: July 4, 2018


Registration is open. Check our website for details!

Posted: July 3, 2018

We took all of our routes down at the end of June. Our new routes are awesome!Come check them out!

Posted: July 3, 2018

Are you a water lover? Grab a friend and a canoe and go for a paddle on July 7th!

Posted: June 22, 2018


Posted: June 1, 2018


Posted: May 28, 2018

We will be taking down all of our routes and will be putting new ones up. Our setters are hard at work devising new and fun routes!!

The gym will be closed June 15,16,&17 so we can do a complete reset of our routes.

We will have one room being shut down early on the evening of June 14th. 

We will be re-opneing on Monday the 18th.

Posted: May 2, 2018


Posted: May 1, 2018

May is Mothers appreciation Month, SO in honour of all mothers, we are reducing our ladies adult memberships by 15%.

Posted: March 23, 2018

We have two Learn to Belay courses for the month of April. They will be held:


April 3, 2018    7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

April 17, 2018  7:00 pm to 9:30 pm


Call us to book yourself in, or come to see us in person!

Posted: February 2, 2018

15% off first-time climbing gym memberships!

Posted: February 2, 2018

The gym will be closed on Monday February 12 due to Family Day.

Posted: January 27, 2018

Climbing, slack lining, playing, crafting, more climbing... you name it!  Kids go home tired and happy after a fun active day with super engaging OVERhang camp leaders.

Posted: January 15, 2018

The Friday Members only Climb at 11am is no longer being held.


Posted: January 2, 2018

We have beginner drop-in classes geared toward you that are fun, easy, and provide an opportunity to get to know other beginner climbers at our gym, as well as some of our members!

And as for the upper body strength…if you can climb a ladder you can rock climb at a beginner level! 

 They will be running every Wednesday in January. 


Posted: December 30, 2017

AST1, AST2, and a ladies-only course... we've got your sledding covered!

Posted: December 9, 2017

Registration is ready!!

Posted: December 8, 2017

OVERhang has news!!


Posted: October 31, 2017

Overhang is currently offering several different training opportunities this season. Check out all of the courses we offer on our course schedule.

Some of the courses are:

Wilderness First Aid, Occupational FA, Avalanche, & Ice Rescue Training.

Check them out for more information about the courses and dates they are running here.


Posted: October 19, 2017

The best women & men compete Sat Oct 21, 5pm

Posted: October 13, 2017

First Aid courses coming soon to OVERhang.

Posted: October 10, 2017

Athletes from all over BC and Alberta are prepping for this Canada 150 event.

It's all part of 11 days of climbing and adventure, the PEAK Canadian Climbing and Mountain Adventure Festival!

Posted: October 6, 2017

Join us for 11 days celebrating climbing, adventure, and culture!Adventure, art, culture, activities... something for everyone!

Posted: September 22, 2017

Outdoor safety and industrial courses are on the schedule this fall.

Posted: September 2, 2017


Members can come in and climb:

  • Mondays, Wednesday, & Fridays:  6am - 8am
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays:  11am - 2pm

Make sure you have a 

Posted: November 21, 2016

November 20th, 2016 was a day to remember at OVERhang... a month-long climbing festival wrapped up with the best-of-the-best competing in a fun and intense round of bouldering.

Posted: October 28, 2016

OVERhang engaged to explore potential at Aleza Lake Field Education Centre through unique contract.

We have partnered with Practical Safety Management to provide Outdoor instruction in ATV/UTV Courses, Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Safety and many more. Please contact the gym at 250-563-2547 or email for course dates and information.