Spider Monkeys

Spider Monkeys

Ages 3-6

Spring Program Dates for 2024

  • Wednesdays 3:15-4:15 pm
  • 11 sessions
  • First session April 3
  • Last session June 12
  • Price $253 (plus GST)

What Is It?

Fun and Games with climbing!

Kids are introduced to indoor climbing in a play-based setting. During their climbing hour they are issued a harness and spend time with other kids and their coach playing "games with aims" both on and off the walls. They learn basic climbing safety, develop basic movement skills, and work on their communication skills as they pertain to climbing and teamwork. Above all they have fun and burn off lots of energy!

Children get the most of the program when they also drop in at other times of the week with their family, so they can practice and grow into the sport.

Wear comfy stretchy clothes.


Additional Benefits:

To support the child growing into the sport, we support the participation of their family!

  • Free Learn to Belay course for one parent
  • 50% off the child's membership and 50% off one parent's membership during program dates
  • Youth harness and shoe rental included in all sessions



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