A two-hour stand-alone basic adult CPR course that compliments all types of first aid, and can save a life!


Includes adult CPR using a mask with a one-way valve, and use of an AED.  This training includes rescues for breathing and unconscious adult victims, airway obstructing and respiratory complications with CPR for adult victims, and recognition of when and training on how to apply an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Depending on the group registered for a given course, we can also include child and/or infant CPR.

Course takes place at the OVERhang head office in Prince George, BC, unless otherwise identified.


Certified by SOLO.  Certification valid for 2 years from course date.  Participants receive a wallet-sized CPR certificate.


Cost: $50 plus GST ($30 plus GST when taken in conjunction with an OVERhang Wilderness First Aid course, also certified by SOLO).

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