Ice Safety Rescue Technician Level 2 (ISRT2)

Ice Safety Rescue Technician Level 2 (ISRT2)

Ice Safety Rescue Level 2 (ISR2)

Learn about the formation of static and flat ice and how to assess the risks and hazards. You’ll also learn about traveling on ice and what to do if you or someone else has fallen through.

This industry-standard operations-level course is designed for first responders, resource workers, biologists, surveyors, First Nations, and others operating near ice environments on lakes and very slow-moving rivers in the winter and early spring - including recreational ice fisherpersons, skiers, and sledders.  We present the most current information on preparation, hazard assessment, risk mitigation, self-rescue, partner rescue, and safety management.  Participants learn about the different types of ice, how ice forms, and how to assess its integrity throughout the season.

Rescue Canada's eLearning "Ice Safety Awareness" course (included) will be sent by email in advance of the training and must be completed online before the course dates.

During the practical course components, participants will be suited up and literally immersed in the water and ice environment – practicing self-rescue and partner rescue, as well as learning safe approaches to carrying out their job requirements.  For a more detailed list of learning outcomes, visit Rescue Canada .

This is a two-day ice safety course, certified by Rescue Canada via the IRIA.  Courses are tailored to the needs, work environments, and job duties of the students. We can also discuss options for different course delivery models and course lengths for private courses.  If you are operating in higher-risk dynamic ice environments, conducting third-party rescues, working more remotely, or using complex rope systems, then we recommend taking ISRT3 training instead.  It includes the same content plus a third day of more challenging training.

ISRT2 Pre-requisites:

  • Participants must be able to swim and have a basic level of health and fitness.


Registration is $525 plus GST

PPE Rental (for those needing to rent a drysuit, helmet, gloves, boots, throwbag on a deployment belt, chest harness, and PFD with knife and whistle) is an additional $200 plus GST.

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