Outdoor Rock Climbing

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Brand new to rock climbing?  This adventure is for you!

This is a fun outdoor climbing experience for a huge range of ages and abilities.  We'll get you outside in a beautiful spot, learning a few basic skills, and climbing your heart out with friends or family.

You will even get to do some rappelling, and be provided with all the gear you'll need for your adventure.

Check out a video sneak peak of what the day may include here !

Cost: $100 + GST/person.  We need a minimum of 4 people to go.  If people want to do a private booking for one, two, or three people we adjust the price accordingly - just ask us for a quote.

Ages: 12+ (Contact us if you wish to register younger participants)

Times: 10am until whenever everyone is tired!  Usually a full day.

Where: Unless otherwise identified, we will head to Dance Park, a crag located about 45 minutes East of Prince George, overlooking Eaglet Lake.  We meet at the parking spot nearby, and hike/scramble about 20 minutes to the crag.

climbing is fun Who: This outing is designed for beginner and intermediate climbers looking for an introductory outdoor climbing experience.  Must have a reasonable fitness level (it's a bit of a hike uphill to get there!), but no need to be intimidated - everyone will have a great experience.  Adults and youth aged 12+ (contact us if you'd like to explore bringing kids under the age of 12).

What it entails: A short scramble uphill to the rock face, a safety briefing, an experience rappelling down from the top of the crag, and plenty of time to climb up on different routes.  Also includes time and space for lounging, snacking, chatting, enjoying the view... all of which form part of the attraction of rock climbing.

What OVERhang provides: Wonderful instruction (we have great employees!), helmet, harness, climbing shoes, rappel device, and of course all the ropes and anchors.

What clients need: Each person needs to bring their own back pack (with extra space to add the harness, helmet, and shoes they'll be issued at the vehicles), good hiking boots, snacks, lunch, and plenty of water, extra layers, sun screen, rain gear, etc.

Rock Climbing OVERhang

COVID-19 protocols: We take precautions seriously, and ask that you do too.  We'd be happy to provide you a list of our protocols in advance.  The main categories include our transportation plan, health screening, hand hygiene, equipment management before/during/after, and physical distancing.

Objectives: We love climbing and getting people excited about outdoor adventures!  We are all about personal growth and development, and enjoy helping others learn and grow.  We also have a passion for education and helping people make good choices, so they come home at the end of the day and can head back to the wilderness another time for more adventures!  So if you have a good time and learn something, experience challenges and overcome them, we'll be delighted.


Note: This outing does not set you up to climb independently in the future.  We  highly highly highly recommend  an Anchoring and Rappelling Workshop , as well as a  Learn to Belay course before considering that... and connecting with an experienced mentor, that has been climbing for years and has taken real training.  Industry best practices change and improve over time... you don't want to learn bad habits from someone that doesn't know what they don't know!  Also, consider joining the  Prince George section of the Alpine Club of Canada  to build skills and to find climbing buddies.

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