Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase memberships and punch cards online?

You betcha!  We actually prefer online purchases now, to reduce contact-points at our front desk.  Please make all purchases online .  You can register for courses and youth programs online too.

Who qualifies as a Member of OVERhang?

You are a member if you have an active one-month membership, full-year membership, or semester pass.  You have invested in OVERhang, and you get certain rewards in return!  Memberships have expiry dates.  Members occasionally receive small gifts or incentives, offered preferred rates for workshops, or are invited to special events - as a thank you and to build community.

If I have a Punch Card, do I count as a Member?

Nope, sorry!  A punch card is a deal for the holder (10 drop-ins for the price of 8), and they don't expire even when drop-in prices increase.  It's not an investment into OVERhang - it's an investment for you.  A membership on the other hand is more like a partnership, a mutual commitment.

Can I use my membership or punch card for someone else?

Definitely not.  Nope.  Never.  Ever.  Don't even ask.

Who needs to fill out a waiver?

Everyone.  Climbing, belaying, and being near climbers presents risks.

  • Anyone who is climbing or in climbing spaces will need a waiver filled out.
  • If the participant is under the age of 19, their parent or court-appointed "legal guardian" will need to fill one out. Random aunts, uncles, older siblings, grandparents, friend's parents, etc. don't qualify unless they have formally been court appointed.  If you're not sure if you are a "legal guardian", you're not.
  • If you are going to be on the padded gym floors and not climbing (ie. managing a small child or taking photos), you will need to fill out a waiver as well (at no charge), as there are still risks from simply being in the space.
  • Belaying, not climbing?  You still need a waiver, as you still face risks just being in the space.
  • All waivers expire every 12 months.

Insurance requires that your full name and your typed signature (for online waivers) exactly match your government issued ID.  Otherwise you could be asked to redo your waiver.  The good thing - you can complete then online at home at your leisure, in advance!

I've never climbed before. What do I do?

We love beginners! Drop by the gym anytime we are open (no need to book ahead), wear comfortable clothing and non-marking, clean, snug athletic shoes. Anyone can boulder (low climbing without ropes) without prior experience. You can also use autobelays to climb some of our higher walls as well. To start top-roping with a partner like most people you will see at the gym, you will need to learn how to belay and/or come with someone that has an OVERhang-issued belay tag.

Sign up for one of our Learn To Belay classes to learn the ropes - they're 2.5 hours long and are a great way to start in this sport.  Or just drop into the gym and get going after your orientation!

Do I have to climb with my children?

While we do not require you to climb with your kids, we do ask that you stay at the facility with any younger children (unless they are part of a youth program). If you are on the gym floor you must have an active waiver in our system (at no cost to you) because there are physical risks from being NEAR climbers.  During our open hours we don't provide direct supervision of children, even though we have one or more staff on... please keep a close eye on your child, and ask questions anytime!  Please remember that climbing and associated activities present inherent risks, and you are ultimately responsible for your child.  That includes their choices, their behaviours, and how they respect our policies, our facility, and other clients in our space.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable that is loose and/or can stretch, such as yoga or running attire. Jeans, for example, are not recommended as they are made of a stiffer material and may restrict your movements on the climbing wall - and they feel terrible in a harness. Short shorts get awkward in a harness, too, so they're not recommended.  Climbing shoes are great for climbing but are not mandatory. If you prefer to wear your own shoes, we do ask that they are clean indoor running shoes. No socks or bare feet allowed in this facility - shoes only... remember that our hands and feet use the same climbing holds!  (Frequent hand washing is also strongly recommended).

What is a Day Pass? Are rentals included in the Day Pass price?

A Day Pass is essentially a drop-in... and you're welcome to come, go, and come back again while we are open that day (while still respecting our occupancy limits). Your rentals are good all day as well, if you leave and come back again. Rentals are not included in the day pass price, they are extra.

Why are rentals extra?

A lot of our clients have their own harness, climbing shoes and chalk... so it wouldn't be fair to them to have an increased day pass or membership rate to include rentals!  Rentals are available for anyone that doesn't already have their own gear.  Also, some people just enjoy bouldering instead of top-rope climbing - so they don't even need a harness!

Please keep in mind that rental equipment experiences a lot of wear and tear over time, and we do our best to clean, inspect, and replace equipment as needed.  If you find any safety issues, bring it to our attention immediately.

How much climbing would we expect to get in during our visit?

This is pretty subjective, but depending on your base fitness level and what type of climbing you are doing (bouldering or autobelay) we find that our newer guests get more than enough climbing in during a regular hour or 1.5 hour climbing session. If you have never climbed before it can be quite startling how tiring it can be, so make sure to plan in rests and hydration breaks! It always helps to spend some time watching other climbers to pick up tips, get inspired, and make your rest period that much more exciting.

More experienced climbers use their bodies more efficiently, and will often stay to climb and socialize for 2-3 hours, several times per week.

Must I make a booking or can I just drop in?

Just drop in if there's space. Check our website to see how many people are already in the gym.  Keep in mind that orientations take a few minutes for all new clients!  Plus waivers and rentals... so plan on about 1.5 hours if you're brand new to the facility, to do all the administrative stuff and to enjoy a great climb.

Do I need to take an orientation before I can boulder or autobelay?

Yes! The orientations are important to help you learn how to use the facility and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.  Expect a bit of a wait for your orientation: if it’s really busy with new visitors, there may be a wait but we get to everyone within 15 minutes or so.  Don't forget to fill out your waiver online before you get here!

Even if you plan to just boulder, we encourage participants to experience the full orientation on their first visit.

If your first visit was as part of a group booking, you will have received a brief, modified version of an orientation to optimise time since we staff up for such events... but we ask that you do the full version during your next drop-in.

Am I too old to climb?

Short answer, nope! We have members and guests of all ages.  Youngest we've had is 7 months, oldest is 78 years old and a regular... we hope to break that record anytime!

Do I have to be in great shape already to start climbing?

You do not need to be in excellent shape to get started with climbing, but you should always consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program.  Ask staff for occasional tips about how to climb efficiently (for example they'll tell you to use your leg muscles more than your arms!).  We have climbers that are young and old, pregnant, new, experienced... we are a welcoming community that looks forward to introducing everyone to this wonderful activity.

Does OVERhang do group bookings, corporate team building, sports team outings, or birthday parties?

Yes absolutely. We offer a range of different options for group sizes and types. For all of our bookings we are able to reserve one of our three climbing spaces just for your group for an hour of climbing. Our bookings usually include a complimentary second hour (after climbing) in our party room for games, lounging, pizza, cakes, presents, or whatever you have in mind. For more information or to make a booking just contact the gym or check out our Bookings page

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