Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to fill out a waiver?

Everyone.  Climbing, belaying, and being near climbers presents risks.

  • Anyone who is climbing or in climbing spaces will need a waiver filled out.
  • If the participant is under the age of 19, their parent or court-appointed "legal guardian" will need to fill one out. Random aunts, uncles, older siblings, grandparents, friend's parents, etc. don't qualify unless they have formally been court appointed.  If you're not sure if you are a "legal guardian", you're not.
  • If you are going to be on the padded gym floors and not climbing (ie. managing a small child or taking photos), you will need to fill out a waiver as well (at no charge), as there are still risks from simply being in the space.
  • Belaying, not climbing?  You still need a waiver, as you still face risks just being in the space.
  • All waivers expire every 12 months.

Insurance requires that your full name and your typed signature (for online waivers) exactly match your government issued ID.  Otherwise you could be asked to redo your waiver.  The good thing - you can complete then online at home at your leisure, in advance!


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