Intermediate Technique Classes

Intermediate Technique Classes

Want to climb harder, better, longer?

Join us for a four week series of hour and a half sessions to work on technique, breathing, conditioning, and the mental aspects of rock climbing.  This series is designed for climbers in the V3 range who are looking for specific tools to help them improve or to reach specific goals. This class is more advanced than the Tuesday evening technique classes. 

For optimal results, participants are encouraged to visit the gym at least once per week in between sessions, to practice the techniques and work on their conditioning. 



Participants should be:

  • Climbing at OVERhang within the V2-V3 range.  This means comfortably on-sighting a V2 or higher, and being challenged by upper grades.  V4 climbers and up will not get as much out of the technique elements; but the physical conditioning, mental components, and breathing elements may be helpful.
  • Respectful, keen to learn, and open to both receiving and providing feedback to/from others!
  • If you're wondering if this series is for you, please contact Lauren at OVERhang at 250-563-2547 .

Pricing & Timing

$70.00 for 4 sessions
Sept 12th - Oct 3rd, 4 Wednesday Sessions
6:30pm - 8:00 pm
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