Intro To Climbing

Intro To Climbing

Drop-in: Intro To Climbing

Are you new to climbing? Don't want to come climbing by yourself? Don't know anyone to climb with? Looking for a good workout? Not sure if you have enough upper body strength? 


OVERhang has news for you!!!

We have drop-in classes geared toward you that are fun, easy, and provide an opportunity to get to know other beginner climbers at our gym, as well as some of our members!

And as for the upper body strength…if you can climb a ladder you can rock climb at a beginner level! 



When:  Every Sunday at 4pm

Where: OVERhang

Cost: No extra cost to your drop-in or membership rates.

For more info call 250-563-2547  

To review OVERhang's cancellation and refund policy
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