Advanced Wilderness First Aid

Minimum 8, maximum 16 participants

$630 plus GST

Location: Prince George (first evening at OVERhang classroom, next 4 days at Caledonia Nordic Sk Club at Otway).

Four and a half days of engaging, realistic training - a mix of theory, discussion, outdoor scenarios in the dirt/snow/bush and on variable terrain.  We operate regardless of what the weather throws at us, and use scenarios that are relevant for the participants needs and interests... with all the sights, smells, and simulated wounds of real injuries and medical conditions.

Wilderness emergencies require skills in first aid, decision making, leadership, and wilderness survival... and sometimes urban disasters need similar expertise.  Advanced Wilderness First Aid is essential in any disaster situation. Too often we depend on hospitals and paramedics - but in remote settings, rescue may be delayed by washed-out roads and bridges, inclement weather, challenging terrain, wildfires, snow storms, or landslides.

You must be prepared to take care of yourself, your students, your friends, your family, your community.  This training will give you the confidence to deal with challenging first aid situations... because accidents rarely happen in a first aid room!  From common injuries to complex medical conditions, you may suddenly find yourself managing a difficult first aid situation with limited resources.  What would you do?

This course is certified by SOLO, the world leader in wilderness medicine education since 1976.

OVERhang's Wilderness First Aid courses are certified by SOLO

This intensive course covers:

  • Anatomy of a Wilderness Crisis
  • Response & Assessment
  • Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System
  • Cold-Related Injuries
  • Environmental Emergencies & Survival Skills
  • Heat-Related Injuries
  • Medical Emergencies & Critical Care
  • Asthma, Shortness of Breath, and Chest Pain
  • Patient Lifting & Moving
  • Principles of Fracture Care
  • Soft Tissue Injuries & Medical Emergencies
  • Spinal Cord Injury Management
  • Sprains & Strains Advanced
  • CPR
  • Wilderness Survival skills (improvised shelter, fire, water, etc).

Sample Course Schedule (36-40 hours):

Day One
  1. Trip Planning, Emergency Alerting, and Emergency Prevention
  2. Patient Assessment and Critical Care
  3. The Principles and Management of Traumatic Injuries
  4. Book and Scenario-based learning
  5. Quiz
Day Two
  1. Medical Emergencies
  2. Environmental Emergencies
  3. Book and Scenario-based learning
  4. CPR
  5. Quiz
Day Three
  1. Drowning and Near Drowning
  2. Making litters and Transport of Patients
  3. Quiz
Day Four
  1. Field Practice Scenarios
  2. Final Exam

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