Snowmobile Safety

Snowmobile Safety

Sledding in Northern BC If you ride a sled for work or you enjoy hitting the trails for fun, you should have a solid understanding of what your machine can do and how to be a safe and responsible rider. The Snowmobile Rider Course provides hands-on learning experience. In our two-day course you will go through a series of lessons that start from the basics, and then get you comfortable in more challenging circumstances.

You will work your way through the following:

  • protective gear
  • know your machine
  • environmental concerns
  • local laws and rules of the road
  • pre-ride inspections
  • signalling, group riding, and emergencies
  • starting and stopping
  • loading, unloading, and transporting a sled
  • turning (gradual and quick)
  • hills (stopping, u-turns, traversing)
  • emergency stopping and swerving.

Instructors are certified by either the BC Snowmobile Federation or the Canada Standards Association to get you riding safely. With a small class size (4-8 riders) it’s an excellent learning environment. So hop on your snowmobile (or rent one from a local dealer) and join us for a fun and informative couple of days. Check the online schedule or set up your own course by contacting us at 250-563-2547.

Day 1 in Prince George at the snowmobile club.
Day 2 at Wells/Barkerville riding area (variable depending on snow conditions)

Participants must also purchase their own Wells/Barkerville trail pass (or elsewhere depending on suitable site selection).


The cost of the course is $400+GST.

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