Wilderness First Aid

What If?

splinting When out for a day hike, a paddle, or a dog walk on a trail, have you ever asked yourself what you would do if someone got hurt or sick?  What if your friend is deathly allergic to something, or has a diabetic response?  Maybe the trip takes longer than anticipated, and the temperature drops... how do you deal with hypothermia, or sun stroke?  How about a broken leg?

Basic First Aid Skills

Being aware of some basic first aid skills can mean that you take a bad situation and make it better - or at least stabilize the situation until help finally arrives.

This 2-3 day (16-24 hour) wilderness first aid course is excellent for any outdoor enthusiast, trip leader, family member, or resource worker who wants to take the guesswork and panic out of a scary wilderness experience.  We all know that a great day in the bush can turn into a nightmare when a backcountry emergency strikes.

Participants learn to use a problem-solving approach using whatever they have in their pack and in their environment.  Improvised stretcher building, improvised splints, and other wilderness-based scenarios make this course fun and interesting!

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The Course

The WFA course focuses on basic first aid, including:

  • SOLO logo Response and Assessment,
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries,
  • Environmental Emergencies,
  • Survival Skills,
  • Soft Tissue Injuries, and
  • Medical Emergencies. 

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Registration: $425 plus GST.

Recertification: $275 plus GST.

The Approach

This hands-on course does not require any previous first aid training... but even people with advanced occupational first aid training learn a LOT.  We get you practicing your improvisational skills as you figure out how to use the equipment you carry in your daypack, as well as any sticks or other elements in your environment, to create splints and both treat and transport an injured person.  It's fun, and it really gets you thinking!

You will be taught each skill and will have a chance to practice them in a fun and professional environment.  Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a SOLO WFA certification, good for two years.  Most importantly, this training may someday save a life!

* Some teachers may be eligible to use this certification as continuing education credits as well, and for professional development.

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